Quartz Sculpture

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The Ancient Greeks referred to quartz as “krustallos” which translates to “icy cold” as they believed the mineral may have been a form of supercooled ice. Thousands of years later, this description of the beautiful gemstone is very accurate. While not actually made of ice, the delicate crystalline formations and snowy white hue represented in the Phillips Collection Quartz Sculptures give off the appearance of tiny glaciers that were formed beneath the crust of the earth. Similar to snowflakes, each and every quartz sculpture is a one-of-a-kind work of naturally occurring art. However, these sculptures will stand the test of time and can be proudly displayed in your space for years to come without fear of melting.
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SKU BR105429 Material Quartz Size 21x16x14"H / (25x20x18"H packed) Weight 180 Lbs / (210 Lbs packed)
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