Diving Sculpture Aluminum, Large

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Timbul Raharjo is an award-winning artist and sculptor from the village of Kasongan in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Timbul works with all types of metals and each piece he creates is hand-sculpted. One of these creations is the Large Bending Diver Sculpture that is made of metal in an aluminum finish. It has a striated surface that enhances its design distinction—when the finish is rubbed onto its surface, it collects in the valleys to bring added patina to the gray sculpture. This lends it a textural feel that convinces the eye this is a vintage decorative accessory. In the foyer of a modern home filled with contemporary art, this silver sculpture will hold its own. We also offer our lovely diver as wall sculptures in several sizes and in other sizes as table sculptures. Each of these reflects the ethos that Phillips Collection personifies: modern organic.
Aluminum works outdoors and is not prone to rust, but has a high affinity to oxygen and will eventually oxidize. This develops a hardened white-colored coating across the surface of the metal, infusing your piece with authentic natural beauty and additional protection. Depending on conditions, this process occurs between 1-12 months of outdoor exposure.
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SKU ID100686 Material Metal Size 62x20x53"H / (66x24x57"H packed) Weight 84 Lbs / (100 Lbs packed) Finish Aluminum
works outdoors
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