Trilobites Wall Decor Metal

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The ancient Trilobite is one of the oldest ancestors to many ocean-dwelling crustaceans such as scorpions, crabs, and lobsters. The Trilobites Wall Decor from Phillips Collection is fashioned from metal and adorned with a rust finish to depict the fossilized endoskeleton of this long extinct arthropod. The Trilobites Wall Decor can stand on its own as a stylish addition to your home decor, but would also fit right into any space with a nautical or industrial theme. Without a doubt, this piece reflects the ethos that the Phillips Collection personifies: modern organic.
Product Details
SKU US107114 Material Metal Size 6x2x9"H / (8x4x11"H packed) Weight 3 Lbs / (6 Lbs packed) Finish Rust
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