Petrified Wood Stool, Polished, Black , 18"- 22" x 17"-19"h Assorted

MSRP: $1,799.00
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Please note these pieces are going to be assorted in color and size ranging from 20”-24” X 17”-19” h. If you need assistance in selecting a specific piece, please contact us. Petrified Wood describes the fossilized remains of trees through a process called permineralization. The most common areas you can find petrified wood is earthquake-prone and volcanic areas of the world, when massive and rapid climate changes can bury entire forests. It is this lack of oxygen that allows for minerals and sediments to slowly replace the organic material, leaving behind a true three-dimensional representation of the original tree. Our petrified wood comes from Indonesia and dates as far back as 230 million years. Our artisans discover, cut and polish these miraculous pieces, creating beautiful conversation pieces for your home.
This natural petrified wood item will vary in color from light to dark tones. It may also vary in shape and size or have natural cracks and splits, giving you your own one-of-a-kind piece from our assortment.
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SKU ID97975 Material Petrified wood Size 18x22x18"H / (23x24x20"H packed) Weight 728 Lbs / (750 Lbs packed)
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