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Meet Angela

Founder, Principal, Creative Director at TRIO Environments, a nationally acclaimed, full-service interior design and merchandising firm launched in 1999 with offices in Denver and New York. Long-standing career working for builders and developers. Uses background in Marketing and Interior Design with a Master's Degree in Sustainable Design as a platform for TRIO's nationally award-winning designs. Successful entrepreneur of over 15 years. Established authority in brand-driven merchandising. Regularly invited to speak nationally about brand positioning, design, sustainability, and merchandising. Passion for balancing targeted marketing, interior design, and sustainability.

"I am inspired by the unknown, the idea of constantly reinventing oneself and pushing creative boundaries."

My collaboration with Phillips Collection is the perfect balance of artistic expression, authenticity, and finding beauty in natural forms. One of my main motivators is a constant drive towards artful expression and a feeling that can only be captured by authentic beauty. My love of design comes from the notion that things are meant to be beautiful and that our intention to find and create such beauty comes through collaboration."

Angela Harris & Phillips Collection / A new collection coming soon
"My passion lies in telling a story,
capturing a vision and delivering
the unexpected in design."Angela Harris