Vesuvius Maiden Head on Base White Stone

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Mount Vesuvius is the infamous volcano that brought about the end of Pompeii in the year 79 AD. Tragic as it was, the culture was perfectly preserved as if becoming a snapshot of the distant past due to the amazing preservative properties of volcanic ash. The Vesuvius Maiden Head on Base is Phillips Collection’s ode to the bygone culture. Finished in white stone, this sculpture evokes the appearance of an ancient artifact that was frozen in time.
The White Stone finish is formed with natural crushed stone, therefore each piece may vary in coloration ranging between light and dark tones. These differences come from the tint of the natural stones with which the finish is produced. As a result, our White Stone items are bestowed with unique traits that give each piece their own distinct character.
Product Details
SKU PH93158 Material Resin Size 9x5x14"H / (10x7x16"H packed) Weight 6 Lbs / (8 Lbs packed) Finish White stone
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