Sustainability Statement

Phillips Collection - Our Sustainability Statement

We are a company deeply committed to sustainability and live by the ethos that every company can make a difference in their efforts to nurture the planet and to help protect our environment. Celebrating nearly forty years as a supplier in the furnishings industry, we pride ourselves on our global stewardship with a core belief in sustainability, and implement eco-friendly manufacturing in all of our locations, both locally and abroad.

Through our thoughtful consideration of sourcing, raw materials, and in the construction of our products, we work closely with our partner factories, as we care deeply about how each location selects woods and fibers. This ensures that we are sourcing reclaimed, eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable materials and that we are mindful to work with suppliers who responsibly harvest their materials.

Building on our long standing relationships with the Thai government where we source the majority of our wood, we also help to teach our vendors ways to establish and maintain sustainable business practices. Each year we invest in the replanting of trees and create tree nurseries in order to replenish those that we have converted into living works of art. Our goal is to uplift, foster and facilitate sustainability education in the communities we work alongside, and to invoke a positive impact in each region and country we operate.

We are a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council. We embody sustainable practices in every way possible and have dedicated the decades of our brand’s development to being leaders in the industry and stewards of sustainability. At Phillips Collection, our motto is “Every piece a conversation”. Join us in continuing the conversation and learn more by visiting for ways to support their worthy cause.

Sustainable Furnishings Council