Pangea Coffee Table

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Pangea, the mighty supercontinent, used to be the only landmass on planet Earth. Over time, however, Pangea became subject to many shifts and changes over hundreds of millions of years to eventually form the continents we all know and love today. The natural ebb and flow of the Natural Pangea Coffee Table by Phillips Collection is a physical reminder of this shape-shifting legend. Each table features variations in shape, coloration, and grain pattern, meaning each piece is completely unique and one-of-a-kind. The Pangea Coffee Table is a perfect representation of the Phillips Collection ethos: modern organic.
This piece is crafted from natural solid wood. Color and texture in wood will vary and natural holes and subtle openings add unique character to your piece. Wood "breathes" and it is normal for cracks to present themselves over time. This is not considered a defect.
Product Details
SKU TH100825 Material Chamcha wood Size 104x80x17"H / (106x82x19"H packed) Weight 857 Lbs / (910 Lbs packed) Finish Natural
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