Onyx Bowl Fluorite

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Fluorite is a special kind of mineral with many unique properties, the most noticeable of which is the multitude of different colors that can be found within just a tiny piece. Surprisingly, natural fluorite is colorless and only acquires color through the presence of other elements or factors like heat and radiation. Phillips Collection pulled no punches when designing the Fluorite Bowl, giving the chameleon-like properties of the mineral ample room to shine. These astonishing, one-of-a-kind decorative bowls have been hand-carved from natural fluorite and exhibit a kaleidoscope of color that will breathe new life into any interior space.
This item is made from natural stone. Holes and cracks may be present and will vary from piece to piece. Style and color may also have slight variations.
Product Details
SKU MX109836 Material Onyx Size 10x6x3"H / (14x10x7"H packed) Weight 4 Lbs / (8 Lbs packed)
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