Atlas Holding Wood Sculpture

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The Atlas Holding Wood Sculpture has a storied namesake. In Greek mythology, Atlas was the Titan god of endurance whom Zeus tasked with holding up the celestial heavens for eternity. The silver figures atop the black base on this sculpture, which support the organically shaped wood artifact, have as weighty a job as the mythical hero. With this sculpture, we’ve taken a piece of chamcha wood that would have been one of nature’s castaways and made it into an elemental design statement. Given with the intermingling of colors and the clean black metal base, the overall style is fitting for a number of interiors, including contemporary, modern farmhouse, and industrial chic. Because this piece is a piece of raw wood, color and woodgrain character may vary, adding a unique personality to your piece. There are a number of furnishings and accessories in the Atlas Collection, which reflects the ethos that the Phillips Collection personifies: modern organic. We have three decorative sculptures in this series.
Product Details
SKU TH101858 Material Iron, Wood Size 56x13x42"H / (58x15x44"H packed) Weight 137 Lbs / (160 Lbs packed)
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