Aragonite Canoe Bowl Brown

MSRP: $1,649.00
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Aragonite is primarily known for being the main component of seashells and pearls. At Phillips Collection, we have been brainstorming day and night to figure out how to best utilize this unique mineral. Our development comes in the form of our breathtaking Aragonite Canoe Bowls. These decorative bowls strike a seemingly impossible blend of robust and delicate. The strong, confident curvature lining the edges of the bowl exude a sense of strength. However, the subtle veining found throughout the piece reminds us that this bowl is a natural wonder. Offered in a wide assortment of colors in varying shapes, each Aragonite Canoe Bowl is a one-of-a-kind treasure crafted from the Earth itself.
Product Details
SKU MX106792 Material Aragonite Size 28x8x5"H / (40x14x13"H packed) Weight 18 Lbs / (34 Lbs packed)
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