Origins Care & Maintenance

Our Origins collection comprises of beautiful pieces of wood with grain variations, different color shades, branch knots, and splits that are natural and unique to each individual slice of wood.

WATCH THE HUMIDITY. Wood is constantly contracting and expanding and remains very sensitive to abrupt change in humidity in the environment long after it has been harvested.

A home should have a humidity level of 30-50% to preserve your solid wood furniture. In some parts of the US or when using the heater in winter the humidity can fall as low as 5%. This may cause your furniture to crack or warp due to the rapid dehydration of the wood. In this situation it is necessary to add a humidifier to your home to avoid any damage.

Please avoid placing the furniture near a heating vent and so not place it directly in sunlight to avoid wood bleaching. Do not place any hot objects such as cooking pot or chemicals directly onto the wood, always use coaster and do not leave water sitting on the wood. It will damage the surface.

Clean with soft damp cloth. Wipe dry. Maintaining the look of your piece of furniture from our Origins Collection is simple. All that is required is a quick process of rubbing it down with a wood conditioner like Pledge. Spray a thin coat of the cleaner onto the wood surface and wipe down with a clean rag. You can follow this step as often as once a week but it’s not problem to do this only a few times a year.

Please DO NOT USE abrasive cleaners or harsh cleaners on this table. DO NOT USE cleaners that contain any of the following: Alcohol, Ammonia, Bleach, Pumice, Abrasives.

You can call us at 877-PHILLIPS or email with any questions.