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Seat Belt Ottoman, Green



Seat Belt Rocking Chair, Green



Seat Belt Rocking Chair, Orange

Thai designer, Nuttapong Charoenkitivarakorn, designed the Seatbelt Chair as a part of a larger collection of work, entitled, "The Sculpture." The work was designed in 2005 and is hand-made in Thailand.

Nuttapong works with influences important to modern Thai culture. In this instance, the Seatbelt Chair is made using scrap material from a local manufacturer by people in a local Thai village. By combining the two worlds of modern manufacturing and Thai craftsmanship Nuttapong references historical Thai culture while at the same time using material from a manufacturer integral to Thailand's modern economy.

The inspiration for using cotton straps came about after Thai designer, Nuttapong Charaoenkitivarakorn, saw them used for seat belts and bag straps. He set out to create a functional piece that added an exotic and modern flair to a basic design. The steel and wood frame are then wrapped in the cotton “seat belt” in a criss-cross pattern- one Nuttapong found more fresh than the basic checkerboard design. Even the backside of the chair is worth noting. Braided all the way to the base, it gives the illusion on a fishtail. The straps have one color on either side of the fabric, which is responsible for the striking contrast of color as the material twists.
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