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Skinny Male Sculpture, Bronze



Skinny Female Sculpture, Bronze

Raymond Waites
Home furnishings and design legend Raymond Waites has predicted, created, and set design trends in the home furnishings industry for more than thirty years. Waites is credited with founding the American Country furnishings movement in 1980 and developing a licensing system that has become the standard that many have followed since. Waites’ intuitive design sense and ability to re-interpret historical movements into his trademark collections have made him one of America’s foremost authorities on design, decoration and lifestyle.

Raymond Waites describes his latest style as “A Remix Revolution.” “As I get older, more is not enough, and form follows fantasy,” says Waites. “I’ve always been moved and inspired by beauty. Colors from nature, textures from life — dreams come from desire, the necessity to create becomes the funnel of creativity of which I never had to think. My work is not work. It is living, and the products that you will see are here, they’ve always been here. We’re just on a constant search for rediscovery all the time — and hopefully it will never end, just change and evolve.”

The Remix Revolution is a multi-faceted, multi-medium design movement. The revolution allows Waites to dive into the past, hold onto the classic designs that his collections have embraced but re-interpret them using unexpected materials, techniques and color schemes. “Every home should be a mix of modern, traditional, ethnic, and classical elements. It’s all about taking things we’re familiar with and using them in unfamiliar ways.” Waites says.

An icon and a pioneer, Raymond Waites has explored and experienced the design and artistic spectrum. The Remix Revolution allows Raymond to transfuse all of these experiences into distinguishing designs that challenge standards and infuse wit and whimsy into staid compositions.
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